"Challenges are what makes life interesting and       overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."

                                                   - Joshua J. Marine 

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Affirm Wellness 

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Read about ways that we can assist you on your personal and professional development journey.

Personal Development 

  • Personal Development Consultation

  • Depression

  • Self Esteem Issues 

  • Anger Management

  • Stress/Anxiety Management

  • Relational Issues(Family, Friends...)

  • Couples/Marital Issues

  • Grief/Loss/Adjustment issues           (i.e. death, home, employment...)

  • Mindfulness and Motivation

  • Finding and Keeping Balance

  • Self-care and Personal Improvement

  • Legal Issues

Professional Development 

  • Professional Development Consultation

  • Work and Personal Life Balance

  • Stress Management/Burnout Prevention

  • Team Building/Assertiveness Skills/Leaderships Skills 

  • Healthy Communication Skills/Conflict Resolution 

  • Business Planning Support

  • Supervision for APC'S

  • Consultation for LPC'S

  • CE Training's/Workshops










Who are we? 


  Affirm Wellness, PC is Personal and Professional Development Company created to promote integrated healthcare and or overall wellness (8 dimensions of wellness guide) and stability in people's lives. This includes physical well-being, emotional/mental, environmental, intellectual, occupational, social, spiritual, and financial wellness and stability. We encourage overall wellness in order to “AFFIRM” personal and professional growth.  

What services  do we provide?

We offer consultation for personal and professional development, individual therapy, couples counseling, group treatment, Credentialed Employee Assistance Program(EAP) Providers,clinical supervision in order to assist current Associate Professional Counselor's (APC's) to obtain their full license (LPC) in the state of Georgia,as well as other specialty services including training's/workshops for personal and professional development.  We also pride ourselves in being able to give back through volunteer work and community outreach projects.  Collaborating with other small businesses is something that we also promote.


Why choose Affirm Wellness,PC?

Most of us have heard the saying "Life is what you make it." It sounds cliche but it truly is that simple. When we decide to live our healthiest life, it begins to all make sense. At Affirm Wellness, we believe that you have what it takes to live your best life. Whether it is in your personal and or professional life. The answers all lie within you! Our job is to help you find the answers you need and put some action(s) behind it. The affirmation for Affirm Wellness speaks for itself. One has to be open in order to do the work it take to accomplish their personal and professional goal(s).

When we choose to allow healthy things to happen in our lives our behaviors tend to follow. Yes, I said "choose!" This is not to say that negative things will not occur in our lives. The difference lies in our perception and thoughts related to the event(s) or experience(s) and how we deal with it in the healthiest way. It is our choice to choose the type of life we want to live no matter the circumstance(s). Choose to live your healthiest life today! All the answers lie within you! Affirm Wellness is here to help you get started in your journey of self discovery, growth, and development.

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"Are you ready to work towards  living life as the best version of yourself today?"
Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm

Saturday: PRN 

Sunday: Closed 


5036 Snapfinger Woods Drive

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