About Owners/Service Providers:

Gbubemi Uwaifo

(boo-be'-me Ooh-y-foe)

(Founder/owner and Service Provider at Affirm Wellness)


My empathetic and supportive approach to counseling helps me empower others to live their healthiest life. I have been working in the counseling profession for over 10 years. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia, Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Masters Addiction Counselor, Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor, and an Employee Assistant Specialist-Clinical . I have a passion for personal and professional development.  I want to help people live their life as the healthiest versions of themselves. Autonomy is something I promote. I understand that I don't have the answers to your problems/issues instead my goal is to help you explore ways to figure out your own best answers or solutions. 

""I choose me. I open my mind, body, and spirit to allow peace, love, joy, courage, and harmony to flow in me. No one else has control over my life's narrative but me. Today, I will live my life as the healthiest version of me."   ~Gbubemi Uwaifo ,LPC,NCC,CCMHC,MAC,CPCS, EAS-C~

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 DeShona Charles

(Co-owner and Service Provider at Affirm Wellness) 

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and General Civil Mediator in the state of Georgia. I have worked as a counselor since 2005, within various populations and settings. For the past 8 years I have worked with adult misdemeanor and felony participants in mandated programs, such as probation and treatment courts. I provide both individual and group therapy, as well as professional trainings. My areas of interest include substance use disorders, legal issues, workplace conflict, anxiety/panic, general conflict resolution, family concerns, life transitions, grief and loss, low self-esteem, and parenting. I am a very passionate and enthusiastic counselor who believes that there is no obstacle that we cannot overcome if we believe in ourselves and know that we are greater than any obstacle. 

"There is only one life to live. I will live my best life and encourage those who I encounter to live their best lives. Today, I will be the energy that I wish to attract.~

                   ~DeShona Charles, LPC, General Civil Mediator, EAS-C~