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 Testimonials About DeShona Charles, LPC:

I have been working with Deshona for a year now. I have seen so much growth in myself. She helped me realize my own self worth. She's very attentive and never makes me feel uncomfortable when Im being vulnerable. This was the best decision I have ever made.

I’ve been dealing with depression since an adolescent. I was unaware/in denial for most of my adult life. Finally, I decided to do something about it and in February of 2023, I started counseling with DeShona. Fast forward 5 months into therapy and I feel better than ever, and she’s been a key factor in my progress. She’s a great listener, non-judgmental, patient, and reliable. She gives solid, practical advice and helped me develop a plan to deal with my challenges. I’m grateful to have her as a guide on my mental health journey!   - BN


 Testimonials About Gbubemi Uwaifo, LPC:

Counseling with Gbubemi has been life changing for me. I feel heard, supported and encouraged. She is giving me the tools I need to improve my mental health and wellbeing even in my current circumstances and to take the next necessary steps in life.

Gbubemi Uwaifo was really amazing, its only the first session, however I feel strongly that she is fully capable of helping me cope with a variety of issues I am currently dealing with.

She’s is light hearted and funny. I feel very comfortable with her. She understands and brings clarity to some of my issues and concerns with ease.

I absolutely love love love her!


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